Teacher recruitment: NUT renews call for professionals

The Nigerian Union of Teachers,NUT has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that the Free School Feeding Programme is targetted at the less priviledged of the society.

The NUT President , Comrade Micheal Olukoya , said this in Abuja during the 2016 Solemn Assembly of the Union.

Comrade Olukoya also urged the federal government to fully integrate teachers in the programme to ensure adequate implementation of the policy.

The NUT President added that the Union was in support of the on going industrial action by teachers in Kwara state and other states of the federation.

He urged the government to specifically employ individuals who are professionally trained as teachers.

“The Federal Government should carry the teachers along so that at the end of the day, it is not going to be an avenue for compensating the children of rich.

You and I know we have lot of universities and colleges of education. Yearly graduate teachers that have not been gainfully employed and when the opportunity avails itself, I think it is only fair for the union to talk on their behalf.

We want to appeal to the government if they are recruiting. They should not allow the politicians to hijack or compensate their political friends with the appointment. Engineers, lawyers, architects can’t make good teachers in our classrooms. We have already reached out to the Federal government about this”, he said.

On the picketing of some foreign companies that are paying wages below minimum wage, he said the government should take action.

He appealed to the National Assembly and the committee on Labour to ensure that private schools in the country key in into the national minimum wage policy.

“We want to appeal to the National Assembly to equally beam their searchlights on those that are involved in modern day slavery by the way of their recruitment and appointment. All our teachers that are teaching in the private schools, they are not receiving the minimum wage, their jobs are not secure.”

Comrade Olukoya also condemned the recent kidnapping of top NUT officials

He said teachers don’t have money to pay for ransom.

In view of the recent kidnapping of some teachers in Bayelsa State, Olukoya appealed to kidnappers to leave teachers alone because they can’t afford to pay any ransom.

According to him, “Kidnappers I want to appeal to you, in whatever form leave teachers alone. If you compute the salaries of teachers for 35 years, it is not enough for what a kidnapper can be given as ransom.

We are surprised as Bayelsa State officials were coming here. They were kidnapped and they started asking for N5 million and we can’t pay N100,000. But After 3 days and after checking all of them and no money. The kidnappers realised they were wrong targets they therefore released them”.

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