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A baby had so much hair that nurses pointed out her luscious locks even before she was born.

Lauren Deacon, 24, was shocked when the sonographer revealed white lines on her 34-week scan photo were her baby’s locks.

And when adorable Blake was born in July 2020, she was blessed with a mane of thick, dark hair.

Proud mum Laura said: “I didn’t even know hair could be picked up on an ultrasound.

“We were given a photo with an eagle eye view of her skull and there are white lines which are her hair follicles.

“My husband Steven, 29, and I assumed it would fall out by the time she arrives but she was born with a thick black head of hair.

“It’s been forever growing since and it is gorgeous. I am very jealous of her curls.”

Lauren assumes the thick hair comes from her dads’ side of the family as he is half Filipino.

She said: “I didn’t have any heartburn during the pregnancy so the old wives’ tale didn’t apply to me.

“I assume she has inherited her hair from her dad.

“Everyone always compliments her hair and says it is beautiful.

“They are so surprised by her age and assume she is older than she is.”

Last month, we reported the story of a miracle baby born after eight miscarriages with a head so full of hair that people think she is a toddler.

Little Lottie Batchelor, who has just turned one, shocked her parents Emily, 28, and Matthew, 32, when she was born with thick black hair that grew to 10 inches in a year.

Now Lottie’s hair is almost the same length as her six-year-old sister’s Evie – with many thinking the one-year-old is a lot older than she actually is.

Mum Emily explained: “When she was born, I was surprised by how dark her hair was and how much of it there was – I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“Her hair was the first thing people would notice when they met her; people were always commenting on her hair saying how lucky she was to have so much.

“She’s never lost any – it’s just got thicker and thicker.

“Now, her hair goes half way down her back when it’s wet and by the time she’s two, I think it’ll be the same length as Evie’s.

“People are shocked when I say that Lottie is only 12-months-old – most people think she’s at least two.”